Darrell & Craig's Big Ash Dance Floor

Surface construction exclusively rustic finished white ash. Designed in 8' x 8' sections to allow for various sizes and configurations.  Transportation, set-up, and dismantling are all included in the price.

We recommend that you take some time to scout out the proposed site and measure to make sure the tent fits where you would like it.  If a tent is to go up over the floor, the floor will generally be put down after the tent is up.

An area of relatively level lawn is best when choosing a site for the floor.  We deliver the floor and attempt to get as close to the set-up site as possible to avoid marking the lawn.

The full size floor (32 feet x 24 feet) consists of 12 steel frames (8' x 8' each) which are connected and then shimmied until they are as level as possible or on a uniform slope.  There are 2 pieces of floor surface (4' x 8'), for each frame, constructed out of 4" wide by 1" thick ash lumber.  The top surface has weathered for a rustic look just like a household hardwood floor.  Dinner tables can be arranges on top of the floor and then moved off later for dancing. There will be a step up onto the floor of approximately a few inches.